How to Download From Torrent Using Torrent Softwares

This is kinda old discussion, honestly rotten discussion. I will show you step by step guide to download a file from Torrent. You may hear about torrent downloads, and some quality of torrent like, “everything comes in torrent first”, best quality movies releases in torrent” etc. Yea most of those are true. Torrent is best way to download pirated or shared content from all over the world. There are both pros and cons using torrent download. Torrent meant to share files globally back then but now a days it is a huge network of downloading and sharing media illegally. Like, a movie is running premier and someone leaked the movie in torrent. In this scenario, many of us won’t go to Cinema Hall than enjoy movie in home so that we can save some bucks. This is completely illegal work. Some country like USA arrest people who download contents from torrent. But Asian countries are not so straight in torrent stuff and it is quite normal to download from torrent in countries like Bangladesh, India etc. Now I am going to show how to download files from torrent.

Step 1: You need a torrent client software!

Well, it is obvious. Torrent system work differently than normal web download. You need a software called torrent client to download torrent file. There are two famous client software available for windows but both of them are theorically same and comes from same manufacturer. This are Bittorrent and µtorrent. I use Bittorrent. You can download it from here. Click download button of Bittorrent Stable package.
Bit torrent - how to download from torrent

You can also download bittorrent for Android or MacOS from right sidebar. It is a little software. Once you complete downloading, install it. it is typical wndows program setup.

Note that, you must do setup carefully and uncheck unwanted options or some unnecessary software will be added to your computer.

Step 2: Where to found Torrent file – Best torrent sites

There are few good torrent site out there. kickass torrent and thepiratebay are two best sites. I would recommend Kickass torrent site. It is easy, user friendly and well designed.

Step 3: Download! Download!! Download!!!

Now it is time to download your first content from torrent. Let’s test your software with this torrent. It is a movie. once you enter the page, you can download it in two possible ways.

1. Download torrent file, then double click torrent file and download main file using torrent software.

Download a torrent on your pc

Or 2. Click on magnet link to download torrent directly with torrent software.

Download torrent from magnet link

Then you will be shown a dialog box to select software to run magnet link. Click Ok.

At the next screen, you can choose where to download, Which files to download (uncheck a file if you do not want to download. When you done, press Ok Button.
Download torrent from magnet link


Here you can see the download is started. You can pause it or stop it anytime.

DOwnload Movie From Torrent

**Special Notes:

  • If you have a limited internet connection then you can limit seeding (sharing the file you downloading with others) from Preference (Ctrl+p) » Bandwidth and set upload limit 1 KB.
    Set upload limit in bit torrent
  • If you do not need to seed (sharing that file with other who downloading) then stop seeding after download complete.
  • Always download files with more seeds and less leches/peers. More seed and less leches/peer is better and less seed and more leches/peer is worse. You can never complete a download that have no seeder.
    How much seed leche in torrent download
    In this image, given torrent have 8113 seeds and 855 leches. so it is very good torrent.

This is all. Hope you can download from torrent from now without any kind of trouble. If you face any trouble, comment bellow. I will try to fix your problem.


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