How to report in youtube

How To Report A Youtube Video

YouTube is the biggest Video platform and There are a lot of videos to watch and enjoy. It is a social family friendly place to enjoy your leisure time. But bad things happens everywhere, sometime people post copyrighted and illegal videos in YouTube what does not belong to YouTube. Sometimes it is a really private video and sometime videos which are just not belong to them. If you have found a video like this in YouTube, you can report those videos and YouTube will review your report and take down the video for good. Here is the tutorial how to report videos in YouTube.

Visit the video page

As example here is a screenshot of a video from a YouTube channel. I do not intend to report this video, Just showing you how to report. First, you have to visit the video page in YouTube. Then Scroll Down a little and you will see the video information like below.

How to report youtube video: Locate the video

Click Report Button

Do you see the More button after 3 dot? click that button and you will see report button in a drop down menu like below image, click the button.

Click the report button to report a video in YouTube

Define the reason

now you will see some option like below image, you have to choose the appropriate reason that describe why the video does not belong to YouTube. If you are reporting a copyrighted video that belong to you or someone else, choose Infringes my rights option and from the dropdown, specify your claim. after choosing the issue, Press the blue report button at the bottom.

Choose Why the video is should be removed

Confirmation Message

If you have done everything right, YouTube will show a message like below, this means your report has been successfully submitted and proper action will be taken after YouTube team review the report. This is basically the way to report a video in YouTube.

Report confirmation message

Hoe you enjoyed this tutorial, If you have any question and suggestion, please comment down below. I will try my best to help.

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