DMCA shares different form of files and information and wills to make Bangla music available worldwide as simple and elegantly as possible. However, we are not the copyright holder of any media form we shares. So, here we will clear our point. This policy is described differently for different form of media.

ALBUMS /album/

To be honest, we have no link with artist or production company, we collect albums from different source (CD, Interrnet) and convert and reformat to our standard format and share on our site. There are no denying that we are pirating. However, Bangladeshi people loves pirating. We grab every possible form of pirated content. But BDALBUM personally have a policy while doing this illegal activity. We do not mean to harm our music industry. We are not also excusing the “fair usage policy” bullshit either. All we have to say, we share albums for sharing purpose only and we do it better than any other sites doing it right now. If you are the artist (we are not accepting production company, sorry about that) of a certain album, you can contact us with your public email (E mail that you provided in album’s cover so that we can varify you) and we will remove your album/download links as per the request. You will find our contact information in our contact page.

VIDEOS /video/

For video, it is different story. We do not host the video files. The player of streaming video is recolored embedded media player provided by Youtube itself and videos are the original videos posted on youtube. This mean, if someone watches your video from our site he is actually the video from original source where the artist/production company uploaded the video. Learn more about Youtube Embedding technology here. And for download link, it is same, We generate download link from original source. As we said, we do not host, modify your original videos.

FEEDS /feeds/

Feeds is where we dump posts from all around the worlds. Any album, video, movies and whatever from this section are collected from different websites. Those files has not been uploaded by us nor we have anything to do with those files. Beside, those files are hosted in different 3rd party file sharing websites. They have own DMCA policy and you can take file down by stating a legal notice to them. Hopefully they may take action. Beside, you will find the name of actual site that shared the file in filename.

Lyrics /lyric/

I do  not think someone have any complain about this section. If you still think (as lyricist, singer), your lyric should not be here in our archive, contact us and we will take it down.

Blog /blog/

All articles are written by us. We hold full copyright of the articles we share and we have the authority of taking legal action to whoever copy those. However Pictures are collected from various source. If any of the pictures are your, feel free to contact. We will credit the picture or remove it entirely as per your wish.