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Top 10 Most Popular Songs of Tahsan

Thasan is one of the most popular Singer of trend. He has a huge popularity and most of his audiences are young generation of Bangladesh. Since 2004; after leaving Black band, Tahsan continuously presented one album every year till 2007. After a long break, he again returned and presented another most expected album in 2011. And his last solo album released in 2014 after 3 years gap. Whatever, Tahsan also playback a number of songs for Movie, Drama and mixed artists. Today, I am going to share ten of his most popular songs.

* Note that, this list is an individual list and arranged by my personal choice. You may argue with placement of some song and there are also probability that, you may wonder why your favorite song is not here. Well, let us know if we miss something. I shall add the song if it is that good.

Tahsan’s Most Popular Songs

Here is the list. Enjoy the songs.

10 Dichorojan

You know Something? This song always feels magical. And a indirect voice lies within it. Yes, it is fully different touch than any other songs of Tahsan. That’s why I like it. ‘Tumi Eka Pothe Cholo……’

9 Tomay Ghire

This is a duet song with Kona; one of the top female singer of this time. This song is super romantic and it tells the loneliness and sadness while you break up with your loved one or quarrel and stop talking with her/him. This song is well done and also used in A Bangla Drama named “In A Relationship” Released Valentin’s Day of 2014.

8 Ami Sei Suto

This song tells about the greatness of the love. When it is pure love, selfishness can’t stand against it. Your beloved person should get top priority no mater she/he love you or not. You always make her/him happy. This is the moral of this song. It is a song from Uddeshsho Nei album and also playback in “OnnoRokom Porir Golpo” Drama by Tahsan and Tisha.

7 Irsha

This is a great song with strong lyric. What you supposed to do if you cross with someone you loved long time ago?

6 Voboghure Ontore

Voboghure ontore is Tahsan’s Solo song from Bangla Drama “Hotath Tomar Jonno“. It is another fantastic song and got popularity in the mean time of it’s broadcast.

5 Prottaborton

This is title song of tahsan’s Album Prottaborton (2011). It have two version and either version is good. It suits Tahsan’s return to media after a long break due to staying abroad. What if after a long time you remember and feel someone whom you loved a long time ago? Just say “lets start again everything. everything from the start”. This is the motto of the song.

4 Nei

This is title song of Tahsan’s album Nei released in 2007. This song is about A man’s struggle to getting rid of his past, get rid of the pain he gets from his love. This song is how strongly he struggle to forget his past love because he have to go a long way leaving his past right here. After All, This is an inspiring song who suffers from his/her lost love. Recommended to everyone.

3 Sporser Baire

This is a really heart touching song. Everything of the song is nicely done. This is a duet and the co singer was Elita. Elita has a very unique and cool voice that extremely suits on this song. And the slow music made this more magical. This song is about two who love each other but can’t reach themselves. The circumstance and their heart block the entrance.

2 Prematal

This song is a masterpiece without any doubt. This is a tale of a guy who actually didn’t care about love. He thought love is just waste of times and only nonsense people does nonsense things like love. So there are no point of falling in love. But at the end, he himself fall in love with someone. Now he understand what love really is and what kind of power and beauty lies within love. Now he can’t sleep, can’t eat and the love already got him tightly.

1 Alo

Now, here is my number one. As I mentioned above, You may argue why your favorite is not in this list but you will NEVER argue why I keep this song on the top on the list. Actually there are no point to place this song any position than number one. It is Tahsan”s all time hit song (and may be ever?). This is the first song of his second solo album Icche (2004) and it actually did the job. I remember, all Bangladesh was playing that song at that time. Alo is not actually so called “Tahsan Type” song. It kinda band song type and this is what makes it exceptional. This song is about a person who love someone but didn’t confess to that person yet. He better sing a song to say his untold love. He is now all alone thinking about her. He only think and think about her and does nothing. He thinks about the magnificent moments with her he left behind long ago. Now he is empty and alone. Can he find the light again in his dark like?


So here is my list of Tahsan’s Song. If you have a special choice then feel free to let us know, we promise we review your comment and It will be in list if it is good enough.

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