All Habib Wahid Song Albums Mp3 Download

All Habib Wahid Song Albums Mp3 Download

Hello, It has been a while I posted my first collection. It was all song albums of Tahsan. Today, I am sharing another list of album of a singer. Today, the singer is Habib Wahid.
Without a doubt, Habib’s appearance in Bangladesh’s song industry was a significant impact. He deserve a fair credit from the art style of today’s Bangla songs. He also have the record of most selling albums in Bangladesh. Habib is a music composer and singer. He works in his own studio. His composing and music is top class. He won 3 Meril Prothom Alo Award in ‘Best Album Category’, another 2 for best singer, one for best male singer and a nation award for his debt to bangla songs.
I was collecting and posting song album of Habib for a while. It was not so easy job though, Insufficient reference, lake of contents and lake of information was main obstacle. It took a lot of time to collect enough information for each song. Finding album cover was also difficult. But time waits for none.. I’ve collected all the information at last. Here is the list of all albums of Habib Wahid till date.

All Habib Wahid Mp3 Albums List

  • Krishno – Habib FT. Kaya

    This is the first official composition of Habib Wahid released in 2003. At that time it got a massive popularity and this album can be tolled as the beginning of new era of bangla music. There are 10 song, all is sang by Kaya.

  • Maya – Habib Wahid Featuring Kaya And Helal

    This is Habib’s second music composition. Like his first composed album, it got a massive hit and huge popularity. There are total 13 song in this album. Kaya and Helal sang 6 each and one special song Where is my baby is a duet of Kunel And Kaya.

  • Moina Go… – Habib Featuring Various Artists

    3rd Album of Habib. In this album Habib sang 3 songs. Specially, din gelo and Eso Bristi Namai are 2 of best songs of his career. Julie – Balam’s sister sang the title song Moina go, Ferdous Wahid sang in one song as a guest artist. Konika also sang one and the song Jaa rey’s singer is still unknown.

  • Shono! – Habib Wahid

    This is Habib Wahid’s First Solo Album relished on October 2006. There are 8 song of Habib Wahid and one song of Ferdous Wahid as a guest singer. By this album Habib got much more popularity than Habib as composer.

  • PanjabiWala – Habib Wahid Ft. Shireen

    This is Shireen’s first album featured by Habib and brought you by Laser Vision. There are 8 song of Shireen and one special song of Habib Wahid. If you enjoy Lalon type songs then this album is for you with exceptional vocal of Shireen.

  • Bolchi Tomake… – Habib Wahid

    Habib Wahid’s second solo album. There are totally 9 song with 8 solo and one duet with Nancy.

  • Oboseshe – Habib And Ferdous Wahid

    Sangeeta present Oboseshe Album from Habib Wahid And Ferdous Wahid. There are four song of Habib, For song of Ferdous Wahid and one instrumental.

  • Ahoban – Habib Wahid

    Habib Wahid’s 3rd solo album Ahoban is presented by Banglalink released in 2011. There are 5 solo, 3 duet with Kona and Nancy and one single from guest singer Ferdous Wahid.

  • Shadhin – Habib Wahid

    Habib Wahid’s last solo album yet. Not that furious and popular like his other albums. Though it had sold well but you cant compare with Habib’s other albums. You can say it a flop considering Habib’s all other albums.

  • Hridoyer Kotha- Habib Ft. Various Artists

    Hridoyer Kotha(2008) Album represent Songs from Hridoyer Kotha(2006) Movie. We are counting the release date of album because We name it Hridoyer Kotha- Habib Ft VA, not Hridoyeer Kotha- Bangla Movie OST.

There are also some playbaco on various movies and some single in some random albums. you can find all albums tagged with Habib Wahid from here.
Note that, this list is sorted by release date and recommended songs are only my personal opinion. I may miss some really good song worth being in recommended section. You can always comment anything below. Say how you feel about Habib Wahid’s songs, How big fan you really are and which song of Habib wahid is best in below comment section.

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  1. The album consists 9 tracks in which three are duet songs with Nancy and Kona and one was sung by Ferdous Wahid.

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