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Tahsan is a Bangladeshi singer, composer AKA actor. He is my personal favorite singer. I love MOST of his song and listen some of the selected song over and over. From the start of new version of BDalbum, I planned to upload and create a list of all songs of tahsan. But I got myself too busy so that unable to create the list.

It has been a while I collected all the solo albums of Tahsan but forgot to add it to collection. Finally, I managed to post in blog and now the list comes. There are totally 6 Album and 79 songs total in this collection that covers all the solo albums of Tahsan till now(March,2015). His first solo album was Kothopokothon(2004) after leaving the band Black and tha last one is Uddeshsho Nei (2014) Hope you enjoy the list.

All Mp3 Album List Of Tahsan

  • Kothopokothon (2004)

    The first solo album of Tahsan. released on 2004 into G-Series Banner. There are total twelve songs in the album (1 instrumental included).

  • Kritodasher Nirban

    This is Tahsan’s second solo album released on 2005 after one year of his first solo album. Like most of his album, this album also featured by G-Series and Pepsi was sponsor. There are 12 Songs total in this album.

  • Ichche (2006)

    The 3rd solo album of Tahsan released in 2006 with 11 songs total. Nothing to write, well done like the two album before with Tahsan’s classic flavor with Band touch. And Specially Mithila’s appearance surely added extra flavor.

  • Nei (2007)

    This is Tahsan’s 4th solo album. released after 1 year gap from Ichche. There are 11 songs total and sponsored by Djuice.

  • Prottaborton (2011)

    This is really something you can call Prottaborton (return). After almost 4 years and a long long waiting, Tahsan’s 5th solo album released and sponsored by Robi. There are 11 song with one duet and one instrumental in this album.

  • Uddeshsho Nei (2014)

    Tahsan’s last and most beloved album yet. Released in Agniveena’s banner and there are 11 song total with 4 duet with various artists.

So Guyz, enjoy your time with Tahsan’s romantic songs and don’t forget to share this post with your friend if you find this helpful. I may appear again with different collection another day, till then, enjoy the music with BDalbum.

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