Cheap Smartphone Buying Guide

Buying Cheap Smartphone? Double check these stuffs before buying

There are some subject when buying affordable/cheap smartphone. You should not compare those smartphone with high end branded phones but you must double check if the smartphone have your desired feature. As example, If you will be using if for playing games then you may need a phone with better processor version and care less about camera. So, let us know the feature to check before buying a cheap Smartphone.

How to buy Right Lowcost Smartphone

Needed features

Low cost smartphone makers tend to not include some useful features to cut down production cost. Sometime they install 2 gigabyte storage instead of promised 4 gigabyte storage. 4.7 inch display may contain less than 800×400 pixel. Sometimes they even cut some most crucial features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Lot of the low cost mobiles do not have auto focus feature.  Before buying a low cost Smartphone, verify your required features first.


You must check hardware before buying a low budget smartphone. A low cost smartphone does not necessarily have to have cheapest and lowest quality hardware. Compare different brands and models. At first check the processor. Some of the low cost phones even have octa-core processor. The larger ram, the better performance. Check if there are additional slot for MicroSD card (memory card). Also check screen resulation and battery. The more ampere a battery have the more electricity it stores.

Operating System

You will find a large variety of Android phones, some Windows phone and some old model Blackberry phones in low budget. Before buying a smartphone be sure it have an updated version of operating system unless you will find that your phone can not run lot of latest apps and games. Different Operating system require different amount of resource to run smoothly. As an example, Windows 8 or above are less resource intensive than Android phones. This means, having slightly less processor or ram than android will not be a big performance issue. Also check out how much 3rd party apps are installed and if you can uninstall unnecessary apps. those apps can be pain in ass.

Warranty and Customer Care Service

Most of the smartphones have about 1 years of warranty but if there is no customer care center of the smartphone company nearby, it will not be much of a help. Check the company website and be sure there is a reachable customer care service in your location.

By following these, you will be able to find out the right smartphone you need. If you like this article, please share it.