10 Unbelievably Lucky People Who Dodged Car Accidents

5 Unbelievably Lucky People Who Dodged Car Accidents (So Close)

Sometime in our life, we face or see other people around us being victim of unexpected accidents. Below 10 videos are some of the closest call ever caught on camera. These small footage shows us how close to death those passerby, drivers and passengers was at the moment of  these incidents. They were so lucky that you may feel jealous of their luck.

You may blame the driver for being irresponsible, roads for being cracked, weather or environment for the accidents but you got to be admit that camera that recorded those footage deserve the credits

1. Yes crash happened but it could have gone much more worse!

3 young school students, 1 boy and a girl (from left to right) were crossing a road. Judging the appearance, We can assume that they are Asian. A slow moving car was coming from the right corner at slow speed a entering to the path where those 3 were crossing the road. But then a car with high speed came from left road and smashed the other car. because of the impact, that car got thrown to those 3 students after a spin, the car smoothly pushed the girl who was on right side and stopped just about 6 inch away from the girl who was on middle. Luckily the car which hit the other car was lighter and the car which got hit was much heavier. Otherwise, Those 3 would be seriously injured or even the accident would have caused death.

2. Miracle of God? How can this cyclist be unharmed?

A cyclist was biking in a quite and peaceful road, A truck was coming from his left side road and at the moment it reach the square, a high speed car came from the opposite side of the cyclist. It did not smashed on the truck but the truck hit it. But the car had much higher speed so it passed by and the truck  lost it’s balanced and literally ran over the cyclist while titling left and right after passing him, It completely tilted on it’s left side. This footage never fail to amuse me.

3. Thankfully The cameraman was there to warn the reporter on time

This reporter was standing still and doing some routine job, suddenly a car came from his behind for no seen reason and just before it hit him, the camera man screamed and the reporter barely escaped a close accident. He could have lost his legs.

4. This guy have got some amazing backstepping skills!

I remember when I was a kid, back stepping was a very fun game among my school friends. Did not realize, this fun game could save someone’s life. This guy was standing there and looking at the trashcan, intensely. Meanwhile 2 car had hit each other and rushed directly toward that standing man. He could not run forward, he would die if he did so, instead, his instict told his body to back away. He literally run backward and it saved his life.

5. This guy knows his sh*ts well

A heavily loaded truck lost it’s balance while it was turning and  tilted on it’s right side, The which took the footage stopped far enough to avoid collision with just a little bump.

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