Shono – Habib Wahid Bangla Album Download

Singers: ,

Banner/Label: Laser Vision

Released in 2006

Total Songs: 9

Format: MP3, Bit Rate: 192 KBPS, Sample Rate: 44100 Hz, Channel: Sterio (2 channel), Source: Original CD Rip, Availablity: All Songs are Available for download

Shono – Habib Wahid Bangla Album Mp3 Download List

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Enjoy a gem! Yes, If this album is not a gem then which one else? A perfect album of Habib Wahib worth listening.

It is a bangla mp3 album released on 2006 and published by Laser Vision. , sang on this album and there are total 9 songs in Shono – Habib Wahid Bangla album. Download all originl CD ripped mp3 songs of this album directly on your mobile phone or computer. You can also browse other Bangla mp3 albums and videos from Enjoy your time with huge collection of Bangla mp3 albums and download'em all. There are ton of other mp3 songs around bdalbum free to download. Currently, we are not serving zipped album because of low resource and potential. Zip album will be available after we complete basic set-up and a stable ranking. We wish to upload zip before 2016 new year festival. There are mp3 song list of Shono – Habib Wahid above. Click on 'download' button of any song and you will be shown a Mp3 Download page. click on the download button to download mp3. We always try provide mp3 songs with 128 kbps bit rate but it can be vary according to special circumstance. If you feel trouble any of 9 mp3 song of Shono – Habib Wahid Bangla album then please comment your problem in above comment box. We will fix your problem as soon as possible.