About Us

BDalbum is a small team working to provide the best experience exploring Bangla music. We started BDalbum in 2012 and since then we are trying our best to present you a flawless Bangla music database and so that we are improving our site continuously.


It started in 2012. We created a simple blogger blog named pcnin.blogspot.com out of curiosity. We used to upload videos and albums to various content sharing platform like Dropbox share those song to our blog. After a while when we reached about 3000-4000 visitor per day, we decided to buy a domain for our blog and we found this domain available and bought and set this up. After a while, we felt that Blogger is not sufficient for what we intend to do. At this time, we shifted to Wapka from Blogger and started to upload albums to Wapka hosting. We stayed in Wapka for a long time as mobile site and then we tried to upgrade our site to a good looking PC site.. we were inexperienced in design so we failed midway. Even so we were able to achieve a good number of audience. At the end of 2014, we finally decided to give our site complete freedom and to do so, we moved our site to WordPress but there were still some major obstacles to achieve our goal. We were really inexperienced and clueless. Available WordPress themes were not sufficient to fulfill our desire, we tried a theme but was not satisfied with that so, we decided to make a totally custom theme for our site from the ground. We did it and made a pretty decent theme. It is the previous theme with mobile version. But honestly, that theme was a mess in backend. We dumped codes everywhere without proper planning, site’s speed was slow and not optimized. lot of unnecessary and junk codes and CSS framework issues. We decided to make a new clean simple and effective theme. This is current theme of BDalbum. We backed up our site and started to build it up. There are still some works to done but it is about 80% complete. We restored about 150 albums. we got rid of some low value albums. In addition, we developed Feed section to serve contents other typical Bangla content download sites serve. Hope you enjoy BDalbum. We are really sensitive about advertisement policy. We do not cover our website with junk ads and pop ups. A visitor only receive 1 pop up everyday which is considerable. Above all, we really care about you and health of our site.

Future Plans

There are some big plans in our minds. We will add those feature in future one by one. Here are a list.

  • Browser based games to pass time
  • Artists database where you can find Photos, biography and complete list of Albums and video of the artist all in one place.
  • Zip download feature of Albums. It will be added as soon as we complete the recovering process. We will upload zip file of albums one by one. We know how badly you want this feature.
  • A forum. We made one in our previous theme but It did not work out very well. When we grow considerably large (1,00,000 pageview per day), we will make a forum again where visitor can join a music related community.

Contact Us

There are several ways you can connect with us. Find the details to reach us given below.

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Or you can e-mail us. Our e-mail address is sparrowgut@gmail.com