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Top ten Bangla Movies of all time

The Top 10 Bangladeshi Movies Of All Time

We can proudly say that Bangla music industry is pretty rich since the beginning of our culture. We already have a really huge amount and various types of music in the Bangla song archive. But our film industry and quality is not prospering that much and the worst thing is, it is getting worst day by day. And since so called ‘digital Films’ hit Bangla film industry like a typhoon and our film artists and workers are still struggling to get things done perfectly. Specially the dubbing, action and most importantly story line is not progressing. Whatever, we are talking about some great Bangladeshi films so let’s stop this kinds of garbage talks. Today I am sharing the Bangladeshi films I enjoyed a lot and you can say masterpiece. Here

Here Is: Best Bangla Movies All Time

10 Itihash

Itihash is a Bangladeshi action drama movie directed by Kazi Hayat. Here, Maruf Hayat plays the role of protagonist. Here, Kazi Hayat is a son of a famous Journalist and a high school student. One day, While walking back from school, he has been arrested by police unexpectedly because of wrong information. Whatever police responsible for this wrong raid discovered soon that he is not the suspect but son of a famous journalist. Now, they forced him to be the suspect so that they wouldn’t have to commit any harassment.
This is a story of a innocent schoolboy who became a top criminal and some evil minded police officers are responsible for his dark life. This movie points the corruptions and social impropriety.

9 Daruchini Dwip

Daruchini Dwip is a comedy drama film directed by Sir Humayun Ahmed based on his novel Daruchini Dwip. This is a drama about a brunch of friends who planed to have a trip to Saint Martin AKA Daruchini Dwip. Whatever the more their trip’s deadline comes forward the more things were getting complicated because of family and social reasons. Can they make it happens at the very end?

8 Monpura

Monpura is a romantic Bangla film directed by Giasuddin Selim and based on a rural setup. Specially songs of Monpura got a huge reputation back then. This is a film about a dramatic romance story where our hero sent to a small piece of land middle of a river. His is master’s crazy son committed a murder and he took responsibility of the crime and his master sent him to that island all alone. There he met a girl; daughter of a fisherman and they fall in love with each other. Whatever his master decided to marry the girl with his crazy son instead of him when he told his master to go to that girl’s house for his marriage proposal.

7 Megher Pore Megh

Megher pore megh is a Bangla film directed by infamous Bangladeshi director Chashi Nazrul Islam. This movie’s plot is Bangladesh’s liberation war is an adaptation of the novel Megher Pore Megh by Rabeya Khatun. In this movie, our protagonist is a brave freedom fighter unfortunately met a comrade looks exactly similar to him but totally opposite nature. Above all he is a coward who at last betrayed the tribe. Things are getting complicated when people started to mixing those two.

6 Dipu Number 2

This movie always bring backs memory. Like me, this movie surely lot of people’s teenager’s memory. This is a movie of a great adventure of some teenage schoolboys directed by Morshedul Islam. Dipu who belongs to a well educated family got admitted in a new school because of his father’s transfers and ho found there are another Dipu in the same class who is not friendly to him and got bullied now and then. Whatever they bonded with each other and unexpectedly involved in a deep mess while exploring mountain and a childish adventure got life and death situation.

5 Ora Egaro Jon (Ora 11 Jon)

Bangladesh have lot of liberation war based movies. Most of those movies are great. If I give liberation movie equal priority then I afraid my list at least have at least eight ’71 based movie. So, before saying something about this movie I have to respectfully mention another legendary film ‘Hangor Nodir Grenade‘.
Ora Egaro Jon may be the best liberation war movie about .71 liberation war of Bangladesh directed by Chashi Nazrul Islam and the first ’71 based movie. This film is about the sorrowful and dramatic adventure of 11 freedom fighters. Everyone have their own resolve and destiny to become a freedom fighter and this movie is about the courage and inspiration of freedom fighter during war. This movie pictured how Bangladesh suffers during the war and how they survived.

4 Nawab Sirajuddaula

Nawab Sirajuddaula is a historical drama about Last Nawab of Hindoostan and his story of losing battle against East India Company and pathetic story what established English territory over Hindustan. There are very few historical drama in Bangladesh. And obviously Nawab Sirajuddaula is best among those. Anwar Hossen played the role of Nawab.

3 Sareng Bou

Based on Sohidulla Kaisar’s novel Sareng Bou is a drama movie about a naval servant who is far away into the blue from his beloved wife. He sent message to his wife but the Chairman seized all the messages and money he sent and trying to tempt his wife. Whatever his wife trusted hi, and lead miserable life by working hard.

2 Aguner Poroshmoni

Aguner Porosmoni is a drama directed by Sir Humayun Ahmed in Liberation War setting. This movie is about the terror and fear of the war and survival of a freedom fighter who got seriously injured from the battlefield and shelter in a ordinary middle class family surviving ongoing war. The night is deep, long and dark. Will the soldier survive till the dawn?

1 Jibon Thekey Neya

Jibon Theke Neya is a 1970 Bengali language film directed by Zahir Raihan. The film is a political satire based on the Bengali Language Movement under the rule of Pakistan metaphorically, where an autocratic woman in one family symbolizes the political dictatorship of Ayub Khan in East Pakistan, and stars Shaukat Akbar, Anwar Hossain, Khan Ataur Rahman and Rosy Samad. Jibon Theke Neya has been described as an example of “national cinema”, using discrete local traditions to build a representation of the Bangladeshi national identity. An autocratic bad tempered woman controls family members-her husband, two brothers and the servants which symbolizes the political dictatorship of Ayub Khan in then East Pakistan. Both stories run in parallel. Outside, the people of East Pakistan(now Bangladesh)rise in political protest, and inside, the family members raise their voices against the tyrannical woman. The two brothers get married and the situation gets more complicated when there are conspiracies for the control of the family between the sister-in-laws by having the keys of the house.


So, Here is my ultimate list of best Bangla movie. It is not any kind of voted or authorized list but personal choice. You can always have a different flavor but I can confidently say, at least 5-6 from this list must be on your list too. Stay tuned with BDalbum for more article.